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Best Camping Hammocks Review

Do you want to go on a camping trip to chill out? Then don’t forget your hammock. When outdoors, a hammock is the best spot to chill out. For outdoor enthusiasts, finding the perfect spot to tie their hammock is already a success. The goal is to find a good spot with a good view of the sky at night.

Why hammock and not tent? For a number of reasons, outdoor lovers are now enjoying their outdoor nights on a hammock. It is portable. It is more comfortable than lying on a tent’s bare floor. It is awesome! Yes.

If you will ask me, I prefer staying on a hammock as well than in a tent (unless it is raining).

Want to try a hammock on your next adventure? We can help you choose the best camping hammocks from the different options we have in the market.

Best Camping Hammocks Review

Here are some of the best camping hammocks that you can choose from based on our research and experience.

Hennessy Hammock – Expedition Series

The Expedition Series Hammock from Hennessy is made of 70D oxford nylon. It is highly durable especially with the added protection from its polyurethane coat. This hammock was created via ripstop technique. It means it doesn’t get ripped or stretched easily even if you weigh 250 kilograms, the maximum weight it can take.

This camping hammock comes with a full-length zipper to keep insects out at night. Even if you are as tall as 6 feet, you can lie comfortably in this hammock. With its polyester rope to support it, it can handle a maximum weight of 250 pounds. That’s one big camper or two teens.

If it is a clear night, you can see the sky by leaving its mesh cover open. If it is raining, you can put its rain fly on top of the mesh cover to stay dry. With its double layered bottom that is made of 40D nylon material, you can sleep comfortably without feeling like your sliding down. Because it is layered, you can expect it to be warmer as compared to thinner camping hammocks.


  • Practical design for a better sleeping experience
  • Full-length zipper for protection against insects and bugs
  • Asymmetric for a more comfortable sleeping position
  • Can fit big campers comfortably


  • Comes with a lot of excessive fabric from all sides
  • Hard to close the zipper from the inside
  • It comes with a tarp that provides weak protection against the rain

Clark NX-270 Four-Season Camping Hammock

If budget is not an issue, you can invest in a heavy-duty camping hammock with Clark’s Four-Season Camping Hammock. Stay protected from insects and rain with this full-zipped hammock.

This Four-Season camping hammock from Clark can give you total darkness at night. If you want full darkness at night, get inside this hammock, zip up, and sleep. It is not transparent. Despite being a full-no-see hammock, you can still find yourself at ease when breathing because of its breathable zips. During summer, you can leave it open, so you can gaze at the open sky.

For winter camping, you can take advantage of its insulation pockets. Add some gear on its insulation pockets to make it warmer inside. For added warmth, zip up and turn this four-season hammock into an enclosed tent. This feature makes the Clark NX-270 Four-Season Camping Hammock as one of the best tent hammocks in the market.

In addition, you can make it more spacious by adding flexible poles. These poles can be installed inside. For added protection during the rainy season, this hammock comes with a quality sil nylon rain cover.

This camping hammock from Clark can support a user that weighs up to 136 pounds.


  • With an insulating pocket system for added warmth on cold nights
  • It can turn into a closed hammock-tent when zipped up
  • Insulation pockets can be used as extra gear pockets
  • Extra ropes/ties added for added protection against strong winds


  • Zip can be reached from the outside only
  • The rain fly is hard to install
  • Very pricey for a hammock

ENO – Eagles Nest Outfitters Vulcan UnderQuilt

With the Vulcan UnderQuilt Hammock from Eagles Nest Outfitters, you no longer have to be afraid of camping during winter. This camping hammock features Primaloft Synergy insulation that can keep you warm even in cold winter.

During winter, get in and lounge in this hammock with the underquilt for added warmth. During summer, you can just remove the underquilt so you can enjoy cooler nights.

This camping hammock from ENO is a lightweight. It weighs less than 30 ounces. When packed, it is as small as a football, light and small.

The cut of this hammock is designed to specifically follow your body’s shape. This way, you can snug more comfortably inside it at night without causing body pain.


  • It is a four-season camping hammock
  • You can use it all year long
  • The underquilt can keep you warm
  • It can keep you warm at even if the lie comfortably temp is at 45 fahrenheit
  • Easy to set-up even with the underquilt below
  • It is made of soft fabric for added comfort
  • It features primaloft synergy
  • It is moist-resistant
  • It features DWR finish


  • Not recommended as a backpacking hammock
  • Backpackers find it heavy at 30 ounces for an ultralight hammock
  • It is bulky
  • Short in size and the underquilt can’t cover the entire user’s body (can only cover up to 5 feet; three-quarter length)

Grand Trunk Hammock – Camping Double, Tree Hanging Kit Included

If you are into patterns and colorful designs, you can have the Prints Hammock from Grand Trunk. They offer camping hammocks in different bright colors and patterns that can make your camping livelier. Remember, a colorful hammock can also make your surrounding more beautiful.

Grand Trunk’s double camping hammock provides enough space for two. Planning a couple’s day out in the backcountry? Whether you are going on the beach or is planning to have a night’s out in the mountain, this double camping hammock can fully equip you. At 28 ounces, you won’t even feel the weight of this ultralight hammock in your backpack.


  • It is large but is easy to set-up
  • It comes with a hanging kit
  • It can house two adults
  • Lightweight at 28 ounces for a double hammock
  • Comes with 10 feet paracord strap for longer reach when setting it up
  • Can hold up to 400 pounds
  • Highly durable
  • It is made of 70d nylon
  • Features triple lock stitching for added durability
  • Affordable for a large hammock


  • Too big for a single user but can feel crowded with two
  • Users say it doesn’t feel secure if there are two users at the same time

Hennessy Hammock – Ultralite Backpacker Series

For long trails, carrying an ultralight camping hammock is highly recommended. If you have to live on the trail for days, you wouldn’t want to keep setting up and folding a tent that weighs more than a kilogram every day. This is where hammocks come in. Hammocks are light and easy to set up.

What hammock to bring for your camp week? It is the best lightweight backpacking hammock from Hennessy and it is called lightweight Ultralite Hammock.

The Ultralite Backpacker Series from Hennessy can comfortably sit a 6-foot tall user. It can carry a maximum of 200 pounds or a 90-kilogram backpacker. This hammock is made of 70D high-density nylon for durability while keeping it light.

The backpacker series from Hennessy is not just a hammock. Aside from allowing you to sleep comfortably, it can shield you as well from insects and mosquitoes with it no-see-um- mesh. If there are too many insects at night, slip inside the mesh and zip it so you can snuggle comfortably inside.

Worried about the impending rain? You can set-up its rainfly and you can stay dry all night long.


  • It comes with asymmetric design
  • The design allows a user to lie comfortably
  • It comes with a ripstop rainfly for added protection during stormy weather
  • Highly durable with its 70d material
  • It comes with its own ropes for hanging
  • It can support up to 545 kg
  • Environmentally-friendly design
  • Comes with webbing straps to protect the trees when being installed or hanged
  • Double layer at the bottom for added insulation


  • It is heavy at 2 pounds for an ultralight hammock
  • The parachute cord that comes with this hammock easily gets tangled

KAMMOK Dragonfly Insect Net

When looking for a great camping hammock, you should also consider accessories that can protect you against the wilds. Insect bites can be dangerous especially in the jungle, hence having a Dragonfly Insect Net is highly recommended.

The Dragonfly Insect Net from Kammok will protect you from bugs and insects. It can surround your hammock in full 360 degrees. With this insect net, you can sleep peacefully without worrying about bug bites in the morning.

This insect net for a hammock is made of premium mesh. It is easy to use as well. You can go in and out of this insect net via its double-sided zipper. At night, you can take advantage of the paracord attached to it. It comes with reflective tracers to make it easier to find.


  • Designed to block insects
  • Designed to allow cool air to pass even when fully zipped
  • Provides 360 degrees protection against insects and bugs
  • Comes with gear loops on the side
  • Knotless design
  • Uses built-in lock tensions and cord hooks for easier and faster set up
  • Made with 15d nylon material


  • The zipper is too high
  • It is not practical (most camping hammocks come with built-in mosquito net)
  • The stuff sack is at the bottom and when used, it can drag the hammock down
  • It is hard to set-up (you need to hang it higher than your hammock to make it work or you’ll have to hang your hammock a bit lower)

Grand Trunk Single Hammock: Nano 7 Premium Ultra Light

Another top camping hammock that we found from Grand Trunk collection is their Nano 7 Premium Ultra Light Hammock. This is a single hammock that you can carry around everywhere you go.

If you are looking for a cheap camping hammock to try, this one is for you. It comes with starter rope kit, carabiners, and hanging instruction. Because it is a basic camping hammock, setting it up is very easy as well. It doesn’t come with complex knots or ropes, to begin with.

The Grand Trunk Single Hammock Nano 7 can carry up to 300 pounds. Not bad even if you are a tall guy that stands 6 feet tall.

The materials used in making this camping hammock is parachute nylon. It doesn’t just provide strength to carry your weight, it also protects your back from mildew at night.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy installation/set-up
  • Made of parachute-like material for added strength and quality
  • All ends come with triple stitch for added durability
  • Some accessories are replaceable for a better experience such as carabiners with whoopie slings and adding underquilt
  • Very light at 7.4 ounces
  • Easy to roll back in its bag


  • It is smaller as compared to other regular-sized hammocks
  • It is difficult to use for sleeping for a guy that stands more than 5 feet
  • Hard to find a comfortable sleeping position because of design and size
  • The material used creates a loud scratching noise when moving

KAMMOK Wallaby: Premium Camping Hammock

Comfort, versatility, durability, and design – these are the qualities offered by Kammok with their Wallaby Camping Hammock. It is made of 40D Gravitas diamond ripstop fabric that offers reliable support even if you weigh 400 pounds.

The finish of this camping hammock is silky soft to make each night comfortable. The silky soft finish also allows the hammock to stay cool even during summer and prevents condensation when it is cold. Wallaby hammock is not just lightweight, it is also thin enough to dry fast, so you can sleep in a dry hammock even if there are mildews.

Lastly, Kammok also used diamond ripstop technology, a system that prevents the hammock from getting stretched when being used.

Afraid of the rain? With this hammock, you can enjoy nights in the wild because it is water resistant. You just have to bring your own rainfly to protect yourself from the pouring rain. During the day, this hammock is also protected from the direct sunlight because it comes with a UV inhibitor that prevents color fading.


  • Highly durable
  • Made of 40d gravitas diamond material
  • Minimal sagging
  • Made with ripstop design
  • It can carry up to 400 pounds
  • Comes with sturdy carabiners and race slings for suspension
  • Comes with loops so you can hang additional stuff like a water bottle or underquilt
  • Very light at 10 oz
  • It is water resistant
  • It is fade resistant
  • Quick and easy set-up


  • Not long enough to bed a 6-foot camper
  • Some users find stitching defects on their wallaby camping hammock

Hammock Bliss Double – Extra Large Portable Hammock

If you prefer chilling in a spacious hammock, you can get an extra-large portable hammock from Hammock Bliss. Their double camping hammock is also strong enough to carry you and your partner if you want to chill out at night.

With this extra-large camping hammock, you can lay in any direction you want without feeling the edge of the hammock. Because it is made of high-grade parachute silk nylon, it is soft on the skin and is comfortable to lie in.

An order of this double hammock from Hammock Bliss comes with accessories you need to set it up. It even comes with a sack that is easy to carry around. The sack is attached to the main hammock and when the hammock is in use, you can use the sack as a gear pouch for water or other camping accessories.


  • Large and comfortable for a single user
  • Enough space for two users
  • Comfortable to use even for a big guy or a 6-footer
  • It is made of a material that conforms with your body when lying
  • Made of soft nylon parachute material
  • Material is friendly to the skin
  • Gets dry quickly
  • Comes with a suspension system


  • Can only carry a maximum weight of 160 pounds (when it is a double hammock)
  • A bit heavy at 22 oz
  • Comes with short ropes for hanging
  • It gets stretched easily and the bottom sinks down after hours of lying in

Hennessy Hammock – Explorer Ultralite XL Series

Hennessy is one of the most popular brands when it comes to camping hammocks. Another top of the line offer they have is their Explorer Ultralite XL Series.
This hammock is recommended for those who go on a long trail. For those who stay outdoors for days or weeks. This is durable enough to keep you comfortable at night despite regular wear and tear.

The Explorer Ultralite Series is designed for the big you. Even if you stand at 7 feet tall, you can lie comfortably in this hammock. It comes with a full-length zipper, so you can stay safe from bug bites and other insects at night. The maximum weight capacity of this hammock is 250 pounds.

Made of 70D nylon, you can expect less stretching with this hammock. To protect you from fog and rain, it comes with a rainfly that is made of 70D polyester with ripstop stitching. Once you place it over your hammock, dew and fog can’t bother you anymore.

For your total comfort, while sleeping, this Hennessy hammock is designed asymmetrically. It means the material will conform to your body’s shape while lying to prevent having back pain or neck pain after a long night’s sleep.


  • Spacious and wide enough even for a tall user
  • Full-length zipper
  • Complete protection at night against insects
  • High-quality hammock
  • Made of 70d nylon
  • Free rainfly that is made of 70d polyester
  • Comes with asymmetric design
  • Unique opening at the bottom


  • It is hard to get in with its bottom opening
  • It comes with too many accessories like straps

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock and Tent

Who wouldn’t want a camping hammock and a tent in one? If you are looking for a good outdoor gear investment, Lawson Hammock’s Blue Ridge Camping Hammock/Tent is what you need.

This outdoor camping hammock offered by Lawson Hammock is equipped with a one of a kind bar system that allows the tent to be set-up like a flatbed. It looks like a bed, but it is hanging. With the bed being flatter, you don’t have to endure the ‘cocoon effect’ that a traditional hammock gives.

It comes with a detachable rain fly that you can use during the rainy season. With clear skies during summer, you can take it away and enjoy the view of the clear sky from your hammock. Attach to the hammock is a bug net that looks like a mosquito net. It can protect you from insects and bugs for a more relaxed sleep at night.

The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock from Lawson is made of waterproof nylon and polyester. It is made with ripstop technology for maximum durability even when exposed to extreme weather in the wild.


  • It comes with a roomy interior for a single hammock
  • It comes with unique style and design that keeps it apart from a traditional hammock
  • It can carry up to 275 pounds
  • It comes with interior storage pockets and
  • It comes with ceiling o-rings for your outdoor accessories
  • It comes with an easy to set-up rainfly (detachable)


  • It is a bit heavy at 4.25 lbs.
  • It is harder to set up because of the poles and rigging bars (just like setting up a tent)
  • It is hard to find balance one you lay down

Eagles Nest Outfitters – ENO Sub6 Hammock

Packing light is one of the challenges for most backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts. Anything that weighs less is important. If you can bring a place to sleep that weighs less like a hammock, then you are in good shape.

For a light traveler, the Sub6 Hammock from Eagles Nest Outfitters is a great choice. This is a lightweight hammock that can support an adult’s weight. Setting it up is easy with its own Helios Suspension System. Even a newbie can set it up alone.

This ENO hammock comes with some of the features that we want in a camping hammock. It is light, easy to dry, and very breathable. During summer, this hammock and a mosquito net are enough to keep your nights relaxed and calm.


  • It is highly durable as it is made of ripstop nylon
  • It comes with attached toggles for easier set-up
  • It is light at 5.08 oz
  • It dries fast
  • It can support up to 136 kilograms
  • Comes with an attached stuff sack that can be used as gear pocket at night


  • You can use other straps brands for hanging but not recommended
  • Helios suspension system that comes with it is the best and safest strap to use according to manual
  • Need to purchase a separate carabiner (additional expenses)
  • It is small for a grown man (6-footers) and is not comfortable for lying

ENO – Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock, Portable Hammock for Two

If you are an ENO fan and you are looking for a double hammock, you can have the DoubleNest Hammock from them. This Eagles Nest Outfitters is compactly built to make it easier to carry for long trails.

ENO understands that sleeping is your only way to recharge while on the go. And when sleeping, you should never experience falling because of a badly designed hammock. This is what the DoubleNest wants to provide – security and comfort while chilling out in your hammock.

This ENO camping hammock is made of 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta. It dries quickly. It is highly durable, and it can carry a maximum weight of 400 pounds. With its suspension system, you can easily set up this double camping hammock in between trees, in your boat mast, or even at your wall.


  • It is light for a double hammock
  • It weighs only 19 ounces
  • It reflects quality with its 70d high tenacity nylon taffeta material
  • It comes with stainless-steel snap links for a more secure set-up
  • It comes with an aluminum wiregate carabiners for added security when hanged
  • It comes with storage back
  • It is easy to fold when done using it
  • It dries quickly and is breathable


  • It doesn’t come with straps (purchased separately)
  • It stretches easily

Hummingbird Hammocks Ultralight Single Hammock

What would make you trust a brand? For me, a 100% American made is a brand worth trusting. This is what Hummingbird Hammocks are made of. All hammocks produced by this company are made in the US including their Ultralight Single Hammock.

The Ultralight Single Hammock is made of 100% nylon. It can carry a person that weighs up to 300 pounds or 136 kilograms. If you are wondering how sturdy it is, you will be impressed with its Type IV certified webbing lock that is comparable to parachutes.

To set this hammock, you can use the Spectra cord that comes with it. It also comes with carabiners for easier installation.

How does Hummingbird describe this product? The Ultralight Single Hammock is too small that it weighs like a lemon. When packed, they say that it also weighs like a coffee cup. Presenting a new technology in the hammock industry, this camping hammock no longer uses heavy metal parts for hanging – it only has custom-designed 3D printed button link system.


  • Very light at 5.2 oz
  • It is made of quality materials that are par to parachute rigging standards
  • It comes with stendra cord
  • It can hold up to 1500 pounds
  • It is 100% usa-made
  • It features a button link system for easier set-up and lighter overall weight
  • Both end loops are attached to a larks head knot for a more reliable hammock system
  • It used mil-spec bonded nylon thread for maximum durability
  • It was processed with dye sublimation to make its fabric brighter and fade-resistant


  • It is small even for a 5-footer adult to sleep in
  • It is pricey
  • Tree straps not included in the package (needs to order separately)

Everest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

The Everest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net is a complete set outdoor gear that can help you sleep at night. It is composed of a hammock that can be turned into a tent. It also comes with a mosquito net to keep you safe from insects and bugs.

This Everest Active Gear hammock is good for two persons. It is reversible, so you can choose to sleep with the net side down or up. If you want, you can use the said net to keep mosquitoes off.

This double camping hammock is made of diamond weave nylon and is available in military-grade camouflage color. Diamond weave allows the air to circulate freely, keeping the hammock breathable while you are sleeping.

This hammock can hold up to 400 pounds and is 10 feet long. It means that if you are a 6-footer, you can sleep with ease on this hammock. In case of bad weather, you can set-up the rainfly that comes with this package.


  • It is fully reversible
  • It comes with mosquito net with 2100 holes per square inch to keep even the smallest insect out
  • It comes with a rainfly that is made of heavy grade polyester 31gm fabric
  • It is made of high-quality material called 10t taffeta parachute for maximum sturdiness


  • It is long but not wide enough to make two people comfortable when sleeping
  • It comes with heavy tree straps
  • The design causes cocooning after hours of lying down
  • It is not good for cold weather because it lacks insulation pad at the bottom

Lost Valley Camping Hammock Bundle Includes

If you are looking for a camping hammock to invest with, we recommend that you pick a total package. It means a complete hammock package like the Lost Valley Camping Hammock Bundle from Oak Creek Outdoor Supply.

For this package, you will get a camping hammock for one person, a rainfly that you can set-up in case it rains, a mosquito net, tree straps, carabiners, stakes, and guy lines. With this package, you can set-up your own hammock without needing to make additional purchases.

This hammock can hold a user that weighs up to 350 pounds. If you are not big enough, no worries. This hammock is easy to set up and can be installed in just 3 minutes.


  • It is a complete set
  • Recommended for beginners or new hammock users
  • It is made of tear-resistant material – parachute nylon fabric
  • Comes with reinforced stitching and knotting for added durability
  • Lightweight at 4 pounds
  • Comes with long tree straps that are more than 9 meters long
  • Comes with a bug net that you can opt to use or not


  • The mosquito net is an ordinary net and not highly durable
  • Cheap but not durable enough especially for big adults
  • It comes with a rainfly, but rainfly is not sturdy enough
  • It comes with long straps, but it easily breaks

OneTigris Double Hammock Underquilt

Even if it is not winter, you need to protect yourself from the strong winds and cold temperature at night when outdoors. This is what OneTigris believe hence they created a Double Hammock Underquilt.

Made of premium polyester material, you can snuggle with your partner in this hammock without worrying about falling down. If you are alone, then you can enjoy the comfort of a spacious hammock while staying warm because of its polyester filling.

A 3-season camping hammock underquilt, you can use this OneTigris double hammock all year long, except if it is really, really hot. It even comes with a mosquito net to keep bugs away from you at night.

This underquilt is easy to set-up. It comes with clips and strings that you can use to attach to your hammock.


  • Comes with 200g/m2 polyester filling to keep you warm at night
  • The outer material is made of windproof ripstop nylon
  • It comes with dwr coating
  • It is fade-resistant
  • Linings are made with 300t polyester pongee lining to prevent stitching issues
  • This hammock is waterproof


  • Heavy at 44 oz because of its filling and being a double hammock
  • It is bulky like a sleeping bag
  • Not recommended if you are looking for a lightweight camping hammock
  • It doesn’t fit with regular camping hammocks
  • Clips are of low quality
  • Not easy to attach to a regular hammock

Lazy Daze Hammocks 55″ Double Layered Quilted Fabric Hammock

Are you having a lazy day? Do you just want to stay outdoors or go fishing and camp out? Then you can bring your Double Layered Quilted Fabric Hammock from lazy Daze Hammocks.

This double hammock will keep you and your partner (or your kid) warm even during winter. Stay outdoors and enjoy the day while snuggling comfortably in this hammock.

Lying in this hammock is very comfortable with its head pillow that made of polyester and comes with polyethylene padding. This hammock can support up to 450 pounds so you can stay in it with your kid and partner without worrying about falling.

Make your backyard the favorite place of your kids by hanging this Double Layered Quilted Fabric Hammock in there. Let them play and sleep on it every day.


  • It comes with a handcrafted polyester rope for hanging
  • It promises with strength and instability
  • It is quilted
  • Made for comfortable snuggling
  • Very stylish with its oil-rubbed finished hardwood spreader bar
  • With handcrafted rope


  • Doesn’t come with a stand
  • Recommended for backyard use only
  • Not recommended for jungle or camping use
  • Getting on and out can be difficult because of the design slippery material
  • Color fades easily
  • It absorbs water easily
  • It takes time to dry

Eagles Nest Outfitters – ENO DoubleNest Hammock

A known good hammock brand, Eagles Nest Outfitters always have something to offer to backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. If you are looking for a double hammock, you can check their ENO DoubleNest Hammock.

This best double hammock offered by ENO weighs 19 ounces only. It comes with a storage bag that is attached to the hammock. When in use, you can use the storage back as a pouch bag where you can put your phone or other outdoor gears. Because it is attached to the hammock, you can easily reach it as needed.

This heavy duty camping hammock from ENO is for two. It is made of 70D high tenacity nylon taffeta material. It is a material that dries easily. It is also comfortable to use and breathable. This is a premium material and it can hold a user that weighs up to 400 pounds.

If you are a beginner, a package of the Double Layered Quilted Fabric Hammock would be good for you but remember to get your own straps.


  • Can fit two adults comfortably
  • Made of high quality, breathable material
  • Wide and long enough even for a 6-footer guy
  • It is affordable
  • It dries quickly
  • It comes with stainless steel-snap links and carabiners


  • Doesn’t provide enough protection against cold and insect
  • Need to purchase separate mosquito net for added protection
  • It doesn’t come with hammock straps

OneTigris Hammock Underquilt, Lightweight Camping Quilt

Going on camping in winter is no longer dreaded by campers because they can now have an underquilt for their hammock. This is the Lightweight OneTigris Hammock Underquilt.

This lightweight underquilt from OneTigris can be used to protect campers from the cold. It comes with SEE Polyester Filling on the inside and a 20D Ripstop Nylon Shell on the outside. No wind can penetrate your hammock once you place this underquilt in.

This underquilt hammock is designed to fit all hammock sizes. It is easy to set-up and once it is up, you can enjoy a warm night even when is 20 degrees Celsius. In the morning, you can simply pack it and place it on its stuff sack. This lightweight underbuilt weighs 30 oz.


  • Easy to carry with its stuff sack
  • It is a 3-season underquilt
  • It comes with dwr coating
  • It has 300t polyester pongee lining for added durability
  • It provides enough insulation during winter with its polyester filling


  • It is thin and provides less insulation
  • Carabiners that come with the package are of poor construction
  • It is small as compared to a regular size hammock
  • It can’t protect you completely from cold

ENO – Eagles Nest Outfitters ProFly Rain Tarp, Ultralight Hammock Accessory

Travel light – this is one of the most popular advice for backpackers. ENO knew the importance of travelling light and they want to help backpackers by giving this Ultralight Hammock Rain Tarp Accessory.

This rain tarp is made of polyurethane-treated 210D ripstop nylon that can stand strong wind and rain. It takes pride with its water-shedding capability and how it can keep you dry once you are under its protection.

This ENO rain tarp comes with a six-point connection to ensure that all angles of your hammock are protected. Even a sudden downpour can’t damage its six-point connection.


  • Can be used to protect your hammock and other things against the rain or too much heat of the sun
  • It is easy to set up
  • It comes with six lanyards for the six-point connection set up
  • Easy to carry with its stuff sack
  • It is lightweight at 22 ounces


  • It is smaller in size than a regular hammock
  • It offers limited protection against rain if it pours
  • It doesn’t come with stakes for ground set-up

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Camping Hammock

Before picking the best camping hammock for your next adventure, here are the things that you should consider.

The Type of Hammock to Have

There are two basic designs of hammocks. These are gathered end hammocks (Brazilian) and asymmetric hammocks. Remember those hammocks you see on the beachside? Those are gathered end hammocks. Both ends are tied to a tree and you use your body to part it.

The asymmetric hammock on the other is designed to give space for your head and feet in an asymmetrical position. It also gives a feeling that you are lying on a flat surface.

With these designs in mind, here are different types of hammock that you can consider.

Ultralight hammock

Ultralight hammocks are the lightest hammock that you can find in the market today. It is made light without sacrificing quality and durability. This kind of hammock is good if you have to hike and camp for days as it doesn’t add much to what you carry. It weighs less than a pound and comes with its own straps.

The con of having an ultralight hammock is the comfort it can give. Expect it to be made of thin materials.

Backcountry/Expedition hammock

Are you expecting some rain during your camping? Do you want to stay safe from bugs and other insects? The backcountry or expedition hammock is for you. This is also referred to as the jungle hammock. When set-up, it looks like a tent but about the ground.

Expedition hammocks are often made of denier-nylon material. It comes with extra features like a net on top to protect you from ants. It also comes with a fly-like cover that you can place above the actual hammock in case it rains. Want to make it flatter, use your trekking pole as a spreader bar.

Parachute nylon – singles

The advantage of a hammock over a tent is that it is small and can fit in any backpack. A tent comes with its own pouch or bag. For long hikes, a single parachute nylon type of hammock is what you need.

Because it is nylon made, you can expect its quality to be good.

Parachute nylon – doubles

If you are on an adventure with a partner, you can still use a hammock. Double parachute nylon can give you enough space to stay comfortable while chilling out in your hammock.

This type of hammock is the only type that allows you to get cozy and romantic while outdoors, in a hammock!

90º hammocks

This type of hammock is new in the market. Unlike traditional hammocks, the suspension of this hammock is on the side. Because the cables are on the side, it is flatter and more stable when set-up. The issues we find with this hammock is the difficulty of getting up because of the cables on both sides.

Spreader bar hammocks

This type of hammock is also referred to as bridge hammock. Bridge hammock is known for its bar on both ends to spread the hammock out. The bar keeps the hammock flat to give you a more comfortable sleep.

Why some don’t carry a spreader bar hammock? The added weight of the bar is not practical for backpackers who are carrying a lot of stuff already.

The Size of the Hammock

Your size will determine the size of the hammock you need. In addition, if you always hike or camp with someone, you might want to get a large size hammock.

Single hammock

A single hammock has a width of four to five feet. It can carry up to 400 pounds while ultralight hammocks can carry up to 250 pounds. If you are travelling alone, a single hammock will do unless you want a spacious hammock to lie on.

Double hammock

If more sleeping space means comfort to you, you can carry a double hammock on your next trip. It is at least five to six feet wide. It can carry a weight of up to 600 pounds. If you have a double ultralight hammock, its weight capacity is 350 pounds.

The Suspension System of the Hammock

For a hammock, its suspension system is composed of its carabiners and straps. For added flexibility when setting up your hammock, make sure to have longer straps.

Most brands of hammock don’t include a strap. A good strap should be made of a durable material and not thinner than 0.75 inches in width.

Check as well if you can possibly use a different type of suspension with your hammock. This way, replacing an old strap won’t be a problem.

Why pay for a suspension system or other devices when you can just knot your hammock to a tree with a regular nylon rope? Safety. With a proper suspension system, you can be safer up high, sleeping.

The Stretch of the Hammock

So, you decided on a single hammock and you want a light one. Now you hang it. Perfect height and view. While sitting for an hour, playing your guitar, you noticed that your hammock is drooping.

After a night’s sleep, you noticed that your bum is almost touching the ground! It means you got yourselves a hammock that stretches badly.

To prevent such problem, make sure to ask your salesperson about the stretch of the tent. Check user reviews. If you find a brand that you want, don’t forget to read how its users end up in the morning.

Here’s a tip, ultralight hammocks are not prone to stretching as well as hammocks that are made of rip-stop fabrics.

Accessories for the Hammock

A hammock is a hammock. You can use a hammock with a rope and tie it in between trees. However, while camping, you can make your life more comfortable while lying in your hammock. You can have hammock accessories.

Among the accessories that you can consider are straps, rain fly, mosquito net, and rain tarp. If your hammock is not waterproof, having a rain tarp is your best protection against mist and dew at night.

You can find these accessories on a jungle hammock and expedition hammock. You can also add it as a separate purchase on your regular hammock. Consider buying these accessories as an investment and to make your outdoor activities safer and more comfortable.

The Price of the Hammock

How much is your budget? Are you considering it as an investment? Are you just giving it a try, so you can compare it with your tent experience? Before considering whether you will use it again or not, your first consideration must be your safety.

Better yet, set a budget. If your budget is at least $50, get a list of the top camping hammocks within this price range. Check and compare each hammock. If your budget is at least $100, do the same. This way, you can check each product and choose the best one that suits your need and budget.

How to Put a Hammock

Chilling in a hammock is a nice way to end a day of trailing and hiking. However, before you can completely relax on your hammock, you have to set it up first. Here are the basics when setting up a hiking hammock.

  1. Find the perfect spot to hang your hammock. It should come with two trees where you can strap your camping hammock. Find a sturdy tree. Avoid thin trees. Check the distance if it is the same with the length of your hammock. If the distance is wider, it is better because you can use the straps of your hammock to reach each tree.
  2. With your tree straps, wrap each tree to prevent damaging the trunks of the trees you selected. Pass the metal ring for your hammock through the tree strap.
  3. Hook the metal ring to your hammock’s end. You can use carabiners for this or some S-hooks. It depends on the type of suspension system you have.
  4. Check and adjust the height of your hammock. If you have a spreader bar, use it and check if it the height of your hammock is good enough. Try to get into your hammock. Does your bottom reach the ground when you get into it? Traditional hammocks should be at least 6 to 8 feet above the ground.
  5. If you are setting up your hammock indoors, make sure to attach it to something sturdy like a heavy duty eye bolt. You can attach your carabiner or s-hook on the eye bolt while the other end is attached to your hammock. For best result, you can use a stud finder to find the best stud in your wall. A stud finder is a small device that you can purchase from your local hardware store. Eye bolts can be purchased from your local hardware store as well.

Tips When Setting Up a Hammock and While You Are at It

With the right accessories, perfect spot and perfect trees to knot your hammock, you can easily set one up. Here are valuable tips in setting up a hammock.

  • Check the angle. Hung your hammock at a 30-degree angle to give your back a good rest. Even if it sags once you get it, you will still feel comfortable in it.
  • Make sure your straps are in perfect condition. Tie it as securely as you can. You wouldn’t want to wake up with a thug because your strap snaps in the middle of the night.
  • Find your sleeping angle. Stay away from the centerline. Your body will hug the shape of your hammock and if it is going to sag, so is your body. Lie a least 10 to 15 degrees to the left or right of your hammock.
  • Expect files, insects, and colder temperature. If you are using an ultralight hammock, bring your own bedsheet and mosquito net. You can also purchase a separate mosquito net or rainfly for added protection.


Chilling in a camping hammock during a camp is not just cool, it is also practical. It is lighter to carry, easier to set-up and doesn’t take much space when set up.

Depending on your need, choose a camping hammock that can make your experience better and easier. Should you depend on the brand? We say yes. Most brands are known for the quality of the hammocks they produce. If you are not sure which brand to pick, trust your fellow campers and hammock users. Read hammock reviews. Finding different best camping hammock reviews will surely give you a lot of ideas on what to look for in a camping hammock.

Invest in a good hammock. Take advantage of this research and find the best camping hammock that fits your need.