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Best Camping Stoves Review

As someone who loves to camp, I decided to invest in the best camping stoves for better meals when outdoors. After all, I’m an avid camper and we can’t keep eating food from canned goods each time we go out to the campsite. With good cookware, quality ingredients, and the best travel stove, you won’t have a problem with whipping up hot meals for everyone to enjoy outdoors.

But the question is: What’s a quality camping stove to invest in anyway? With the many brands out there, I was so confused from all the brands and types available to invest in! I know how daunting it must be selecting the best camp stove suitable for you, which is why I did the research to help you out.

No need to spend hours on end doing research or window shopping for the top rated ones anymore. Read on as I show you my top choices and a helpful purchasing guide on the best camping stoves!

Best Camping Stoves Review

Based on my tests, research, and reviews, these are the 20 best camping stoves you can invest in today:

Camp Chef EX60LW Explorer 2 Burner Outdoor Camping Modular Cooking Stove

What makes the Camp Chef EX60LW Explorer the top of my list is its excellent quality and versatility. This is one of the best 2-burner camp stoves I’ve tried and for a reason! It’s made of the aluminum burners with a strong output of up to 30,000 BTU EACH, connecting to a bulk tank that comes with a regulator, also adaptable with gas or propane.

When I received it, I was amused by how compact it was for a 2-burner stove. Granted, it wasn’t the smallest camping stove I’ve tried, but for its power and capacity, it’s as good as it can get. It’s also able to fit up of 14-inch system accessories, cooking side by side without any hassle whatsoever.

As for its other features, I highly appreciate that it has a three-sided windscreen to prevent the fire from dying, as well as the knobs to easily adjust the flames according to how you want to cook your food. From its excellent way of heating down to all the much-needed features, it will surely be a joy to cook with on the campsite. All in all, it’s definitely worth the investment.


  • Built well and made to last for a long time
  • Puts in a lot of heat
  • Can be adjusted according to your cooking
  • Burners are big, holds up to 14-inch systems
  • Excellent heat efficiency and windscreens for cooking versatility
  • Heats food well
  • Starts flames without issues


  • Legs are too short, might need leg extensions
  • May be a bit too big for some campers
  • No electric start included


Stansport Outfitter Series 3-Burner Propane Stove

The Stansport Outfitter Series 3-Burner Propane Stove may be a bit bigger, but it packs on the heat AND provides the much-needed cooking experience for many dish types. It has two burners which have an output of 25,000 BTU, while the center one has an output of up to 10,000 BTU. It’s pretty powerful and provides the hot flames immediately, even coming with windscreens to protect the flames as you cook.

As for its performance, I have no major issues and highly appreciate cooking food here. It has the electronic ignition to start cooking immediately, as well as the understandable knobs to adjust the heat according to what I need to cook. It’s boiled, simmered, fried, heated, and done a lot for many of my dishes, heating efficiently and quickly!

The entire thing is made of the heavy duty materials and is packed smartly, so you’re able to fold everything and carry it. It’s heavy for a camp stove, but definitely one of the best propane stove brands you can get today for its durability and heat generation.


  • Easy set up for cooking and fold for storage
  • Strong latches for security
  • Has high output burners, quick and efficient heating
  • Made of heavy-duty materials to last for years
  • Camping stove is easy to clean
  • Effortless to maintain, stays shiny


  • Only one handle to carry it with
  • Camping stove is a bit heavier
  • Rubber legs underneath sometimes slide
  • Center burner’s light fails sometimes

Jetboil Genesis Base Camp 2 Burner System

For those who want an efficient 2-burner camping stove, you’ll appreciate the Jetboil Genesis Base Camp System. What makes me love this stove the most is its compact design! Besides that, it comes with the complete package to begin cooking different things in just a single purchase.

This stove has an output of 10,000 BTU per burner, boiling water in around three minutes, providing excellent heating for its size and capacity. It even comes with an attachable windscreen, maintaining the heat even in negative degree weather! It’s best suited for just about anywhere you go, whether you’re camping during a hot day, or backpacking in cold weather.

As for its package, it comes complete with a frying pan, a pot, a carrying bag with pockets for the regulator, as all as a propane bottle and the heating system itself. It even has a one-year warranty, making it worth more than what you pay for! All in all, I’m impressed and would recommend this to anyone, one of the best 2-burner camp stove brands for its power and size combined.


  • Compact size and carrying bag
  • Ideal for backpackers
  • Can be linked with other Jetlink-compatible stoves
  • Complete package with cookware and warranty
  • Accurate low and high flames for adjustability
  • Versatile with cooking
  • Space-saving and compact dsign
  • Starts burning quickly
  • Stays heated even in cold weather


  • Complaints of receiving defective pans from shipment
  • Jetboil’s service replies slowly
  • Not the best customer experience for some
  • Comes at a more expensive price


BioLite Basecamp Wood Burning Stove System

For those who want to focus on something simpler and for wood burning, then the BioLite Basecamp Stove System is for you. It utilizes wood burning as a way to generate heat, making it eco-friendly and an interesting way to cook in a more natural way, but still easy to heat up.

Surprisingly, this wood burning stove isn’t just an excellent camping cooker, but also has a host of features to take advantage of. Any excess heat generated will be converted to electricity, storing it in a 2200mAh battery. You’re able to use this energy without a sure and enables you to charge your phones (even charging them WHILE cooking!).

Furthermore, even if it only has one burner, it’s able to feed a large group of people because of its size. This is a griller which can fit up to eight burgers and other forms of meat to grill for a fantastic camping time. You’re even able to switch the flames and heat intensity to boil water from pots or fry on pans.

From its good package, excellent features, and its wide capacity, it’s a large camping stove that definitely delivers.


  • Doesn’t require fuel
  • Easy to setup
  • Extra heat converts to energy to your battery
  • Can use for charging devices
  • Comes with good packaging
  • Everything weighs under 20 pounds
  • Grill is large enough for cooking
  • Can feed up to eight people
  • Used as a grill or stove
  • Easy to adjust flames and setup


  • Light and USB port is loose
  • Vague instructions for battery power


Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove

The Camp Chef Everest Camp Stove is inefficient 2-burner stove I would highly recommend for its convenience and ease of cleaning. Both its burners have an output of up to 20,000 BTU, powerful enough to boil water or heat food in minutes. I’m truly impressed with its heat efficiency and the way it easily starts its flames.

I also appreciate its excellent design, coming with windscreens which easily fold into the stove for easy setup and storage. It also has the convenient handle that makes the whole system easier to carry around when camping, not as heavy and good enough to make the walk hassle-free.

What makes it one of the best stoves for camping is really its heat efficiency and compact size. For its power at a smaller size and weight, it’s a breeze to carry around and still cooks just as well as more expensive options for 2-burner camping stoves. You really get your money’s worth with this stove, and I highly recommend it for small groups of campers.


  • Compact size and weight for a 2-burner stove
  • Easy to bring around
  • Excellent design with windscreens
  • Convenient handle to carry it
  • Large cooking area
  • Comfortable to use and cook
  • Dependable ignition
  • Starts up quickly on first strike
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Has strong materials for durability
  • High BTU power for its size
  • Heats water and food quickly


  • No anti-skid rubber or legs under the stove
  • Little slippery on certain surfaces
  • Not much sensitivity between different flame intensities


Jetboil Genesis Basecamp Camping Stove

For the Jetboil Genesis BaseCamp Camping Stove, you’re going to love the 2-burner for its compact and amazing design. I’m in love with the foldability which saves a ton of space in your pack or makes it easier to carry on its own. Furthermore, it comes with various extra necessities, such as the carrying bag, propane bottle, attachable windscreen, and a warranty in case of any issues.

It utilizes up to 10,000 BTU of heat, which makes heating no hassle and quick to use. Furthermore, it’s versatile with many kinds of cookware, and for a compact camping stove, it has wide enough coverage to have a more comfortable time cooking. You’re also able to adjust the flames easily, making it versatile and usable for different cooking style may it be simmering or low cooking, as well as frying and boiling.

Cleaning and maintenance are just as hassle-free as well. You’re able to clean every aspect of the stove with ease and store it just as quickly without any space issues. The design seems well-made and built to last for the long run. All in all, a good price for a small camp stove a camping group can use, the best for its compactness and power combined.


  • Compact and foldable design
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Excellent heating system
  • Hassle-free to adjust for low or high cooking
  • Wide coverage for small stove size
  • Works well and durable, lasts long
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Surface doesn’t stain easily


  • Propane leaks when attaching to stove extension
  • Windscreen is a bit flimsy
  • Requires stornger windscreen for durability


Camp Chef Pro 60X Two-Burner Camp Stove

If you want a camping stove with legs, then I highly recommend that you invest in the Camp Chef Pro 60X Two-Burner Camp Stove. It’s one of the classic camping stove brands out there, coming at a more moderate price but with the amazing features that make it worth the investment. The dual burner camp stove offers the heating system that provides an output of a whopping 60,000 BTU in total, one of the most powerful I’ve experienced!

Besides its amazing heating system, it also has the matchless ignition and the wide enough coverage which makes your camping cooking experience a good one. As for its construction, it’s made of a steel back handle and the quality materials which makes the unit really built to last for the long run.

I also like its legs, though a bit short, still useful enough and stays in place as I cook. I set the camp stove on a table and have an easier time heating up the food because I can stand rather than have to sit or bend over. Overall, the huge heating output alone makes it deserve to be one of the top camping stoves available today.


  • Strong heating output
  • Heats food and boil water fast
  • Made of heavy-duty materials
  • Lasts for years of use
  • Good range of flame adjustability
  • Ideal for many kinds of cooking techniques
  • Comes with handy shelves and windscreens
  • Has height adjustable legs for comfort while cooking


  • Legs might be short for some users
  • Air intake adjusters are a bit loose
  • Requires screwing every now and then


Stansport Outfitter Propane Stove

The Stansport Outfitter Propane Stove is one of the best two-burner camp stove products I’ve reviewed so far! This propane stove really surpasses expectations, even at a smaller size. Coming with an output of 25,000 BTUs per burner, it packs a punch and can definitely heat up food and water in a snap.

This is a favorite of mine of all two-burner camp stoves reviewed because it has the classic stove design, made of the steel frame and stainless top and windscreens, as well as a drip pan for extra durability that doesn’t rust. Furthermore, it has the heavy-duty cooking grate, which has the ability to support heavy cookware so you’re able to cook almost anything on it without a hitch.

If you’re focusing more on size and weight, this is the best two-burner camp stove for you. It has the mix of all necessary features and though it does fall short in some minor aspects, it’s still definitely worth the price for couples camping and looking to make something more than the simple dish. The huge heating output definitely makes it the best propane camp stove, too!


  • Can hold heavy cookware
  • Compact size, easy to bring around
  • Made of heavy-duty material and stainless steel
  • Extremely durable, lasts for years
  • No need to use matches to light up flame
  • Starts fire instantly
  • Excellent heating output for its compact size


  • Carrying it may tire hands
  • Poor placement of handles
  • Top case is made of thin metal
  • Casing flexes a bit too easily


Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

What I highly appreciate about the Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven is its professional and sleek look. This is one of the large camp stoves that are worth bringing desire the size! I mean, just look at how beautiful and complete the design is, looking like it comes from a quality kitchen.

Even I was quite surprised with the features it had to offer, from its matchless ignition down to the stainless steel construction. It even comes with enough burners AND an oven, which is great for more of a variety of dishes to cook. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever encountered an oven that comes with an oven, actually!

However, the burners aren’t the most powerful, but still good enough to boil and heat water ad ingredients within minutes. The burners have 7,500 BTUs each, while the oven offers 3,000 BTUs. More than enough for what you’re paying for, too! Plus, its performance is topnotch, with seamless burning all throughout, the fire not putting out with strong windscreens and cooking food all the way.


  • Comes with two burners and an oven
  • Versatile use, including baking
  • Performs well with whatever you use it for
  • Excellent construction for durability
  • Professional, attractive design
  • Reliable and can work in any weather well, fire doesn’t burn out
  • Good stove height and offers adequate lighting


  • Not the most powerful heating output
  • A bit big and heavier
  • Best recommended as a car camping stove


Koblenz PFK-400 Victoria 4-Burner Gas Stove

If you want the best camping gas stove, then I highly recommend that you invest in the Koblenz PFK-400 Victoria. It’s a tabletop camp stove with the amazing features and classic design which mass it a great investment. Plus, for a four-burner stove, it’s compact enough and great to bring around with ease, one of the best propane stoves to get now.

This tabletop camping stove is simple yet efficient, and though it only offers 4,000 BTUs per burner, it still manages to heat up well without any issues in the ignition and keeping the fire alive. It uses gas canisters and there’s no power required when starting it up, manually igniting it to begin cooking.

Based on propane camp stove reviews, it’s pretty quick to understand and use, also being an easy setup since there’s no other power required besides your fuel. With its adjustable and sensitive flame control and the strong materials, I believe it to be worth the price and a great deal for your money, the best cheap camping stove for everything it has to offer!


  • Extremely affordable price
  • Camp stove good for big groups
  • Made of solid material and classic design
  • Looks and feels durable
  • Cover comes off easily
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Lot of cooking space with four efficient burners
  • Simple to use and adequate burning


  • Doesn’t come with propane tank or connection hose
  • Not the strongest heating output


 BioLite CampStove 2 Wood Burning & USB Charging Camp Stove

One of the best portable camp stoves goes to BioLite CampStove, which offers simplicity while encouraging you to be one with nature. The wood burning camping cooktop offers the award-winning features and efficiency that any solo camper or backpacker will love. It’s an upgrade from its previous predecessor, offering more power, an LED dashboard, and battery to ensure that even when using wood for heat, it still powers up and utilizes the energy well.

When using it to cook, it creates a smokeless fire which you can cook meals from, boiling and heating within minutes. The excess heat energy will be converted to usable electricity, which you can then use to power up and charge your devices. I love the multifunctional use the stove has, making it the ultimate survivor camping equipment you can use for cooking and powering your devices in case of emergency.

Plus, you can see that from its make, it can last for years of heavy usage. All that for such an affordable price, making it worth the investment if you want the best portable stove without the frills and more of the needs!


  • Comes with lighting and battery to charge devices
  • Easy to start up and use
  • Emits no smoke while you cook
  • Little to no soot
  • Hassle-free for cleaning and maintainance
  • Extremely durable for years of heavy usage
  • Portable and compact design
  • Best for backpackers for survival


  • Takes time to understand the stove
  • Takes a while to charge your devices


Concord 16″ Banjo Single Burner Stove

If you want the best single burner camp stove, then you’ll love the Concord Banjo Single Burner Stove. Though it only has one burner, it doesn’t scrimp on the quality and its large coverage to whip up some awesome meals for groups! Besides that, it has the strength and resilience, made of solid materials, the reason why it’s part of the best rated camping stoves out there today.

The burner’s made of heavy-duty cast iron AND has a weatherproof coating, making it a treat to use outdoors. Regardless of the weather or where you camp in, it’s sure to work great and stay in tiptop shape no matter how many times you use it. And the best part? The stove lasts a lifetime and can burn with a heating output of up to a whopping 200,000 BTU, also able to support up to 400 pounds of cookware filed with ingredients and liquid. That’s one of the most powerful cooking stoves for camping I’ve used so far!

Besides this, it comes with the complete package, including the regulator, hose, and connector to get started with setting up, as well as detachable legs when needed. For a single burner, it’s also the best family camping stove that can whip up a LOT of servings in one go.


  • Made of heavy duty cast iron and weatherproof casing
  • Extremely high heat output
  • Excellent heating within minutes
  • Powerful and robust performance
  • Built to last for a long time with intense use
  • Easy to set up and assemble
  • Can accommodate up to 400 pounds of weight


  • Packaging isn’t the best quality
  • May receive box with broken pieces of plastic
  • Some complaints of paint burning off and smelling bad


EcoZoom Versa Rocket Survival Stove

The EcoZoom Versa Rocket Survival Stove is one of the top-rated camp stoves with good reason! It has the versatility of however you want to heat it, may it be wood burning, biomass, or charcoal. That way, you won’t have to worry about running out of propane or bringing canisters for flames.

I highly appreciate the excellent look, having the rocket stove design which is easy to assemble. You’ll be surprised that even with its design and large capacity, a part of the best portable camping stoves lists. It only weighs 17 pounds and is very compact, easier to bring via car or RV.

As for its heat output, it’s able to generate up to 23,000 BTUs with minimal fuel required. It’s eco-friendly as well with its design, reducing CO emission to prevent smoke in the air and on your face.

Overall, I believe it’s the best car camping stove to invest in. Though it’s a bit too bulky as a backpacker, it’s definitely a great choice for families and those camping in cars or RVs. I highly recommend it for those who want something eco-friendly to cook with without worry about the fuel usage.


  • Efficient design, reduces smoke and CO emissions
  • Takes only minutes to use and setup
  • Heat efficiency is outstanding
  • No need for so much fuel
  • Lights flames quickly
  • Compact for its size
  • Lightweight enough for car camping
  • Extremely strong, ideal for camping and survival


  • Better for slow cooking
  • Requires more charcoal for hot and quick cooking
  • No adjustability settings
  • A bit difficult to maintain its heat


Coleman Guide Series Powerhouse Dual-Fuel Camping Stove

For those who need the best Coleman camp stove, I highly recommend the Stove Df-2 Burner. This Coleman stove is truly made for camping, with the versatility for grilling or cooking. I highly appreciate the fact that it comes with the two burners which are able to deliver up to 17,000 BTUs in total, which is more than enough to boil, heat, and do a variety of cooking techniques!

The Coleman camp stove utilizes Dual-Fuel technology, which makes it compatible house either unleaded gas or Coleman’s liquid fuel. That way, you can use which is more accessible and affordable.

Furthermore, I really admire its excellent design, made of the chrome-plated grates and strong casing, as well as the wind protection for any weather. From my experience and all the positive Coleman stove reviews, I can say it’s definitely worth the purchase.


  • Adequate heating output for two burners
  • Excellent Coleman reputation at a good price
  • Long lifespan and efficient performance
  • Easy to light and start cooking
  • Flame stays and is easy to adjust
  • Duel-Fuel technology for more heating options
  • Large enough space for pots and pans
  • Can be used for grilling
  • Easy to clean with chrome-plated grates
  • WindBlock panels are built for any type of weather


  • Not the best Coleman customer service
  • Best for grillers than cooking on pots or pans


Jetboil MiniMo Camping Stove Cooking System

If you’re more for the best single burner camping stove, you’ll highly appreciate the Jetboil MiniMo Cooking System. This is a unique burner made for backpackers and light campers, having a small size yet powerful heat to cook your food well. Its size and power are what makes it one of the best portable camping stoves to invest in now!

What makes it a great purchase is its small yet powerful design, having the FluxRing technology to make heating much easier. It can begin boiling water within two minutes without too much fuel consumption compared to other classic systems!

Plus, it saves up on so much space but still has a good design, which makes it easy to start up a fire and convenient pushbutton. It’s a go-to stove for your camping or backpacking trips, enough for one or two people without taking up so much space on your pack.


  • Compact and small design
  • Best for backpackers for its lightweight feature
  • Very easy to use and start
  • Has a convenient pushbutton to cook
  • Easy to pack up
  • Heats food or drinks within minutes
  • Uses less fuel compared to other stoves


  • Has limitations with cooking techniques
  • No adjustability options
  • Difficult to fit gas canister in the pot


Volcano Grills 3-Fuel Portable Camping Stove/Fire Pit

Another amazing propane camping stove goes out to the Volcano Grills 3-Fuel Portable Camping Stove. It’s the versatility that makes it one of the ideal choices for propane camp stoves, as it doesn’t only use one type of fuel, but three! Besides propane, you’re able to use charcoal and wood, which makes it ideal for camping if ever you run out of fuel.

Besides this, it’s versatile for cooking as well, designed as a grill but can also be used like a Dutch oven, for baking, roasting, frying, as well as a fire pit. The propane stove is strong enough to heat up, heating up to 19,500 BTU. So if you want a camping stove using propane and other different fuel alternatives, this is it. Overall, I’m impressed because regardless of the compatible fuels you use, it heats up just the same, strong and reliable.


  • Versatile functions and uses
  • Can be used for different ways of cooking excellently
  • Has safety features and high burning output
  • Uses different types of heat sources
  • Portable and can collapse to a small kit


  • Not the best for baking
  • Burner diameter is smaller than expected


Solo Stove Titan & Solo Pot 1800 Camp Stove Combo

Another excellent single burner camping stove is the Solo Stove Titan and Solo Pot. It’s a much-needed combination, perfect for backpackers who need something light and reliable. It’s a bit larger than its original design, but still the lightweight and compact stove to place in your pack.

It uses wood to create fire, and you’re able to begin starting the heat with simple twigs, pinecones, wood, and even leaves as fuel! Because of this, it saves you money on gas, as well as the environment in the long run. It heats up all and is versatile enough to heat, boil, and cook food simply. For its convenience and compactness, I would recommend it.


  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • Can fit in most backpacks easily
  • Unique design with wide coverage for mugs and pans
  • Efficient and eco-friendly, uses wood


  • Limited usage and space
  • May not be as hot as needed
  • Only great for simple dishes or for heating and boiling


CONCORD Triple Burner Outdoor Stand Stove Cooker

The CONCORD Triple Burner is great for families and groups camping outdoors, well known for its excellent design and strength. I can see that it can last a lifetime with its heavy-duty make, as well as the efficient performance it offers. It’s a three-burner stove which comes with separate controls for each one, having the ability to burn up to 55,000 BTU combined!

Its performance is topnotch, I’m able to heat, boil, fry, and do just about any cooking technique on this stove. I’m also able to do so comfortably with its high adjustable legs, so there’s no bending down as I cook. Extremely simple and made best for those who aren’t looking for all the frills, you won’t have a problem with this long-term investment.


  • Strong build, made to last for a lifetime
  • Has three burners with strong heat output
  • Complete package at good price
  • Supports heavy pots simultaneously
  • Detachable legs for better comfort


  • Burners need to be lit manually
  • Burner control is out of alignment for some


Coleman Sportster II Dual Fuel 1-Burner Stove

This is a Coleman classic propane stove I absolutely admire for its simplicity and small size. It’s a great choice if you need something safe and fits in your pack because of its small size. Additionally, for a compact unit, it can deliver up to 10,000 BTU while fitting pans of up to six inches in diameter! That’s a huge thing for a Coleman propane stove that weighs around only two pounds.

After testing it out myself, I can already see how this is the best portable propane stove for its price. Plus, the propane stove top for camping is easy to clean and maintain. I have no major issues with it and you get accustomed to its functions after the first use.

It’s very affordable and with the technology that makes these kinds of propane camp stoves cooking your food well for years to come. The best single burner propane stove from Coleman yet and I won’t stop gushing about it!


  • Affordable price for a Coleman product
  • Compact design, weighs less than three pounds
  • Heat efficient, uses two types of gases
  • Reliable performance regardless of weather
  • Supports pots and pans up to six inches in diameter


  • Simmer control is a bit difficult to move initially
  • No case included with the stove


Soto WindMaster Stove with Micro Regulator and 4Flex

Last but not least, one of the best camping stoves goes to the Soto WindMaster Stove. This is made especially for those who camp in extremely windy weather and need the protection from the elements. Furthermore, the single burner is also made best for its small yet powerful design, which works in cold weather and has the shock resistant properties to work regardless of where you camp in.

Besides that, it has a great heating capacity and can boil water in about two minutes despite the windy weather. It can even hold large pots with its 4Flex support system, cooking for one or two people without issues. For such a tiny camping stove, you’ll be surprised with how much you can cook from it. Even after years, it can still cook flawlessly and easily.


  • Great to use for any type of weather
  • Flames don’t die despite strong winds
  • Amazing heating efficiency for a small stove
  • Boiling water in two minutes
  • Holds large cookware with strong support system


  • Doesn’t include fuel canister
  • Small size but a bit heavy and taller


How to Choose the Best Camping Stoves

While the best camping stoves have a ton of benefits you can reap, this only works when you have the right one for YOU. With that being said, what are the individual tips and things to consider when selecting the suitable camping stove for your camping needs? Here are the following factors to look into when selecting a camp cook stove!

What Type of Fuel to Use?

There are different kinds of camping stoves to choose from, all based on their fuel or how they’re powered.

Propane Fuel

A camping propane stove is one of the most common types available. It’s very easy to use and setup, also known to be energy-efficient with adjustable flames. These kinds of stoves are ideal for family camping trips!

Wood Burning

For those who want a closer experience with nature, then getting the classic camp stoves that use wood burning is recommended. It’s also eco-friendly, lowering fossil fuel consumption and lessening the negative environmental impact.


As the name suggests, electrical camp stoves depend on electricity when creating heat, transferred from induction. They all need a source of electricity, may it be outlets from the campsite or in the car. These are best as an RV camp stove.

Unpressurized Liquid Fuel

These types of stoves use unpressurized liquid fuel when generating heat. Examples include alcohol, kerosene, or ethanol. While they are more affordable to use and invest in, they’re the least energy efficient.

Canister vs Liquid Fuel

These two are commonly used in a camp stove comparison list because it has different benefits that depend on how you need it for. Canister stoves are low-maintenance and usually use a mix of propane and butane. These are small and lightweight, also extremely easy to use! But, it might not be the best for large groups and colder weather.

Liquid fuel stoves use white gas, burning cleaner and hotter even during cold weather. Plus, they are cheaper than the canister stove fuel, though it requires priming and more maintenance. Furthermore, they’re a bit heavier.

Other Ways to Power Camping Stoves

There are other ways a camping stove can generate heat, such as using solar power, internal batteries, and even composite heating systems. These are helpful for less fuel used, utilizing different battery sources for eco-friendliness and survival.

How Many Burners Do You Need?

Camping stoves can come in different amounts of burners, depending on how you cook and how many you need to cook for. You can choose between one to four camping burner stoves, and the stove you choose is just a matter of your personal preference.

For example, many single campers or those who want a portable camping stove would opt for one burner. It’s great for those who focus more on one-pan dishes and simpler recipes to save space, time, and effort in cooking.

However, if you’re planning to cook more complex dishes or for big groups of people, getting three or four burner options are recommended. Think about the camping situation: Do you think you’ll be using more than one stove and need to cook food simultaneously? If so, how many pots and burners will you need?

That’s why it’s best to consider how many people will be with you camping and the types of dishes you plan on cooking for your camping trip, as well as future trips to come.

For one or two people, one burner is best. For three to four people, opt for two burners. If you’re over five or six campers usually, then three or four burners is optimal.


The Purpose Of Your Camp Stove

The next question is: What will you usually be using the camping stove for? This can help you select the proper one according to your individual needs.

A Bit More Than Just Boiling Water

If you’re just going to live on canned goods and beef jerky, only using it for heating food or boiling water, then the bet small stove is for you. Go for the smaller and compact stove, usually using a liquid fuel or inverted canister for adventure backpackers who want to camp regardless of the hot or cold weather.

To Rehydrate Food

If you’re planning to use high-calorie meals that are packed in smaller containers and packets, then you’ll want integrated systems. This can quickly heat up your food regardless of where you are, also being versatile and compact. For single campers going on shorter trips, single-burner stoves are best.

Cooking Simple Meals

For campers who want to cook small and simple meals, then one or two burner stoves are best. You’ll be able to feed up to four, or even six, people with these stoves, having the versatility to make a lot of easy dishes like scrambled eggs or stew.

Cooking the Best Camping Meals to Remember

If you’re the type who wants to go all out, going for simmering, boiling, frying, and having more possibilities for the complex dishes, then go for canister camp stoves. This gives off better heat and adjustable flames so you’re able to do more than simply boil and heat food.


When and Where Will You Camp?

The date and area you’ll be camping in should also be considered, as some camping stoves won’t be able to take certain kinds of areas and weather.

With a butane and propane camp stove, you can use it in a variety of areas and weather, making it suitable for any type of trip. However, you still need to be wary about using it with cold weather. This is because of the pressure differences between both these gases, so it won’t be able to properly heat up as it should.

Unfortunately, not many camp stoves are best suited for the extremely cold weather, but it’s still possible to cook with it. If so, make sure that you keep your fuel and canisters warm to heat up efficiently when it’s time to use.

If you’ll always use your camp stoves in the winter or in colder areas, consider using pressure-regulated canisters or if possible, choose a stove that allows the canisters to be mourned upside down. Liquid fuel is also best for cold weather.

Consider the location of your camps as well. For those who are planning to travel to camp in different countries, then it’s best to get a multi-fuel stove in case other areas don’t carry specific types of fuel.


What Weight and Size Can You Carry?

Consider just how much you’ll be bringing and how much space and weight you can allow for a camping stove.

For single burners that only require small canisters, you can measure these in ounces. This is highly recommended for backpackers and campers with limited space or weight for their trips. Large and multi-burner models might be as heavy as ten pounds, and that isn’t even including the bigger fuel canisters it needs.

So ask yourself, how much are you able to carry during your trips. If you can’t allow too much space, then a small camping stove is ideal for you, with one burner and the portability to make walking or hiking easier. Consider the canister weight as well, as the longer your trip is, the more canisters you’ll need. That’s why liquid fuel is better for those tight in space and weight.

But if there’s no issue with size and weight (if you’re using the RV or driving to the campsite), then you’re able to get the best car camping stove, which is best for groups and won’t be a hassle to bring around.


Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Just like your other camping equipment, you have to make sure that it’s not only easy to bring around but also easy to set up and maintain. For me, the best camping cooking stove is easy to assemble or unfold for using once you get to the campsite. It should be easy to understand and begin using within minutes.

Not only should it be a breeze to use, but also with cleaning. For an outdoor camping stove, it would usually incur a lot of dirt and spilled ingredients along the way. That’s why I encourage you to get one that’s easy to clean, made of the materials you can wipe away these dust and spills from.

Furthermore, check your chosen stove to see if it has any maintenance requirements to take note of. It should be hassle-free to maintain and keep in tiptop shape. That way, you save money on maintenance and repair and have a stove to use for years to come.


How Much Is Your Budget?

A lot of us focus more on getting a cheap camping stove since the price is also a huge factor in getting a stove. You’ll need to rethink this thinking though, as you do get what you pay for with camping stoves like these!

I’m not telling you to get the most expensive one on the list, but to set a reasonable budget that suits your wallet but still provides the quality camping stove you need. Take note, there are camping stoves that are extremely effective but still at a more affordable price, while there are more expensive ones that come with unnecessary features that won’t make it worth the price.

You’re the only one who knows how much to spend for a stove. Figure out what you’re willing to spend, and begin your search from there, basing it on both your budget and needs, even utilizing a camping stove comparison to help you out. That way, it’ll be easier to filter out what type of camp stove to get.

It’s best to look into comparisons of famous brands to help you out, such as Camp Chef Summit vs Everest. That way, you get a gist of what brand and price is suitable for you.


Other Extra Features For Your Needs

Of course, there are other things you might want to look for in a camping stove. Fortunately, there are many new and improved features updated camping stoves have today, which can make your cooking experience efficient and enjoyable. Here are some useful extra features to consider when getting a camp stove:

  • Another burner or boiling unit which uses the similar fuel tank or canisters as the primary burners. This is efficient and can have you boil water for coffee while cooking!
  • Stabilizers which keep your canisters and upright camp stoves from tipping over.
  • Heat control to regulate temperatures and have you cook your meals perfectly. It also saves you fuel as you use it!
  • There are eco-conscious options and features you can choose from. Some have canisters which are refillable, while stoves can be powered through an adaptor to your vehicle.
  • Automatic push ignitions and adjustable flame knobs so you’re able to immediately start and control the heat.
  • Windscreen to block the wind, which is useful for those who always camp during windy days.
  • Lantern head on your stove to use for cooking and as a nightlight.


Wrapping it Up

One of the highlights of camping is all the food you get to eat, from s’mores to bacon and eggs! There are so many possibilities as to what you can whip up in the campsite, as long as you have the proper equipment for it. With a good camping stove, you’ll be able to enjoy heated food and well-cooked ingredients for a gastronomic experience.

All it takes it the right research and to learn about what YOU need in a camping stove. I hope that this article on the best camping stoves helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these products today to start camping with delicious, heated food ahead.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips or your own camping stoves review, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.